Hydrex Patches Up Tanker after Collision Damage


Hydrex performed a repair operation on a 118-meter, 8550 DWT chemical tanker in Syros, Greece after it suffered large cracks in its hull plating as the result of a collision.

The tanker was berthed in Egypt when another vessel struck its portside hull. This caused a large hole, severe cracks and dented plating. The collision also pushed the vessel’s starboard side hard against the fenders, denting the plating on that side as well.

Because it was fully laden, going into drydock was also not feasible and an on-site underwater solution was needed.

Hydrex proposed a permanent on-site repair using an open top cofferdam. The damaged area on the portside was closed off with an open top cofferdam. All water was then removed from inside the cofferdam. The yard replaced the dented shell plating. The affected web frames were also replaced. While the yard was performing the insert repair, the Hydrex diver/technicians installed temporary stiffeners on the outside of the dented starboard plating.

The repairs to both sides of the vessel were approved by the classification society. This allowed the vessel to sail from Syros. The tanker then made her way to Germany where she was unloaded before paying a quick visit to drydock for permanent repairs to the starboardside hull plating.


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