Hydrex operation fully operational at the Strait of Gibraltar



Hydrex has announced that their office in Algeciras, Spain is open and ready for business.  They offer a large variety of maintenance programs and repair works for ship owners and the offshore industry, both underwater and above water.

Underwater maintenance services include hull cleanings of any size vessel, propeller polishings and cleanings, class accepted video surveys, visual and photo surveys and tail-shaft wear down readings. Underwater repair work consists of propeller repairs, shell plating crack repairs, mobdock repairs, rudder pintle repairs and any type of welding work.

Hydrex Spain also offers a wide range of above water operations including accomodation ladder repairs, anchor and chain work, cell guide repairs, crane repairs, hatch cover repairs and mechanical and engine works.

Hydrex Spain is fully geared to carry out repairs at anchorage and in port. All operations are certified by the classification societies and are carried out by highly qualified divers and technicians all of which have extensive experience. For every type of job the office is capable of organizing personnel, equipment, workboats, spare parts and any other logistics that are required, even at the shortest notice. For more information please contact general manager Juan Cuenca at

Hydrex Spain S.L.

Poligono Industrial Palmones II

Calle Dragaminas Nave N29

11370 Algeciras


Phone: +34 956 675 049

Fax:     +34 956 921 914

E-mail: [email protected]



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