Hydrex and Indian Navy sign long term maintenance and repair contract


    hydrexAfter a long tendering process the Directory of Naval Architecture (DNA) of the Indian Ministry of Defense has chosen Hydrex as its exclusive provider in a three year repair and maintenance program that will enable the Indian Navy to keep its fleet operational at all times and achieve large savings in doing so.

    The maintenance and repair program has been set up and will be carried out at two naval dockyard bases, Mumbai and Visakhapatnam. A full array of Hydrex diving and repair equipment is being set up at both locations. Covering the East and the West Coast of India, Hydrex will provide preventive as well as problem solving services to the Navy.

    All operations will be carried out by professional Hydrex teams, trained and qualified to perform complex technical tasks underwater. All procedures are fully approved by all major classification societies and have been awarded both an ISO 9001 and VCA (safety and security) certification.

    All Indian Navy bases will be able to take advantage of Hydrex’s 35 years of experience in the marine and offshore industry. This will provide the Indian Navy with the Hydrex trademarks: expertise, dependability, flexibility and fast response at the highest possible quality levels.


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