How To Get A Job As A Commercial Hardhat Diver


Hardhat divers earn good money but work long hours in dangerous conditions. You should first know the risks. Commercial diving or hardhat diving is one of the world’s most challenging and dangerous professions. Honestly it is not for everybody but for those that are able to complete a commercial divers course and are able to handle the work, one can easily make ten years of the average person’s salary in one year.

Do You Have What It Takes To Become A Hardhat Diver?

Determine if you are physically able to withstand the pressure (both mental and atmospheric) and long hours underwater of commercial diving. You should be in excellent health and have no inner ear problems, asthma, heart or lung disorders, etc. Working at commercial diving depths the pressure on your body will be several times what it is at the surface.

You should be good at complex problem solving, have mechanical aptitude and a strong personal need to succeed. A “get ‘er done” attitude is a must since the projects you may be working on, such as repairing underwater structures, pipelines or cable anchors will be grueling, tedious work. Discipline and work ethic are extremely important. Good candidates include ex Navy Seals, Rangers and Marines among others.

Locate a commercial diving school in your area or if there are none make arrangements to relocate to an area temporarily while you attend one. Some, such as the Commercial Diving Academy have a dorm type facility.

Where Does Most Commercial Hardhat Diving Work Occur?

The answer is anywhere there is water and industry together. In the Gulf Of Mexico there is quite a lot of underwater work related to oil and gas drilling. This goes for anywhere there is offshore drilling and where the work is too “shallow” to justify using remote operated vehicles. Pipeline inspection, underwater welding type hardhat diver jobs are found all over the world. Ship hull inspection and repair jobs can be found all over the world as well. Hardhat diving is a highly sought after skill and one that is transportable. You may find it easy to get a visa for overseas oilfield work as a hardhat diver.

Where Are Commercial Diving Schools Located?

There are commercial hard hat diving schools in Houston such as
Ocean Corporation, Jacksonville Florida (Commercial Diving Academy) and Morgan Louisiana (Louisiana Technical College) among others. Compare tuition rates with services and certifications provided and inquire about placement services. Many commercial diving schools will offer a free, lifetime placement service that will help you find a job.









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