How Diving Affects Health


Commercial diving is indeed a lucrative industry due to its high pay. However, many factors affect the health and safety of a commercial diver. Ranging from the tiniest component that could malfunction on their gear to the vastness of the ocean where hostile waves, marine animals and extreme weather conditions play a part in a safe diving.

Commercial divers normally use artificial gas to breathe underwater. This can either be surface supplied for long hours of being submerged or using scuba tank. A study conducted by the Divers Alert Network has been published regarding the effects of diving to human health.

Immersion renders a certain pressure in the body that escalate the volume of blood in the chest up to 24 ounces. The process makes the heart’s blood intake to additional 6 ounces that causes the four chambers to become larger. It also increases cardiac output by more than 30%. To compensate for these changes, the Baroreceptors that senses if there is a sudden blood pressure change, will decrease some of the activity of the nervous system. By doing so, some effects come into being such as decline in heart rate and drop in norepinephrine production. Kidneys also produce more sodium making you urinate more.

Being underwater for a prolonged period of time can lessen the body’s temperature when this happens, peripheral vasoconstriction can take place where peripheral blood vessels narrow causing more blood to be pumped to the heart and puts a strain of pressure on the right heart side. Therefore, the heart must exert extreme efforts just to balance the blood flow in the whole body.

Although mixed gas is harmless, breathing it under pressure produces more carbon dioxide which can lead to poor pulmonary ventilation due to the density of the gas.

Diving equipment play a significant role in diving exercises. Use of fins can greatly reduce the energy consumption compared to bare feet diving. However, additional swimming paraphernalia causes drag on the diver’s part.

Health consciousness must be taken seriously in the commercial diving industry to prevent severe cases of diving related incidents. Abundant knowledge, training and preparation can promote safe diving and in turn can make a divers exceptional assets to the company they are working for.



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