HMS Erebus Wreck Confirmed!


The search for the sunken vessels of British explorer Sir John Franklin has begun a few weeks ago. The vessels belonged to a fleet travelling from Greenland and somehow ended up in the icy region of Canada.

The Canadian researchers conducting the fieldwork believe that the shipwreck they have found in the Arctic belongs to one of Franklin’s lost ships that disappeared 160 years ago together with approximately 130 crew members. This was just a speculation until today, Canada Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced that the wreck was indeed the missing HMS Erebus.

Several associations are involved in this search effort such as Parks Canada, Canadian Space Agency and the Royal Canadian Navy. Parks Canada was honored to confirm the findings of the HMS Erebus and hopes to encounter its sister vessel HMS Terror which they have yet to find.

The Prime Minister emphasizes the significance of this milestone. “The locating and identifying of this ship goes a long way to solving one of Canada’s greatest historical mysteries,” Harper said. “I would like to congratulate and pay tribute to all those involved in locating and identifying HMS Erebus.”

Erebus was discovered using the sophisticated sonar footage and researchers are more determined than ever to continue the exploration for Franklin’s lost ships.


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