HMS Enterprise Captures Seamounts Off Northern Africa


Royal Navy’s survey ship HMS Enterprise has captured images of two seamounts laying on the seabed off the coast of Northern Africa.

The larger of the two seamounts was measured at 1100m which is taller than Mount Snowdon, the highest mountain in Wales. The second, which is just a fraction shorter at 930m, is tall enough to find a place inside England’s top ten peaks, Royal Navy wrote on their website.

The two seamounts have been put on the map because of the dangers they pose to shipping.

Able Seaman Stephen Martin, one of the ship’s hydrographic trainees, said: “It was amazing to see such massive natural features under what looks like a flat calm and peaceful ocean.

“For me, it is really special to know that you’re helping merchant vessels safely navigate around the world.”

The hydrographic survey ship, which is usually based in Plymouth, gathers and processes hydrographic and oceanographic data for planning and operational purposes.

In addition this data will be dispatched to the UK Hydrographic Office for analysis and inclusion into navigational charts and other navigational safety publications.



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