Hilong wins first offshore lifting contract

Hilong Petroleum Offshore Engineering Co. Ltd. won a contract from TIMAS to provide a “Hilong 106” pipe-laying derrick barge to install jackets for the HCML Madura MDA – MBH offshore gas field development project jointly funded by China National Offshore Oil Corporation and Husky.This is Hilong’s first offshore lifting operation contract and also the first offshore services contract won from overseas market.

The project will be implemented in the ocean region of Java, Indonesia. Work is expected to commence in mid-November 2016, and will be completed by the end of February 2017. The primary content of construction is the lifting and upending jackets underwater.

Xiao Long, Hilong Group Vice President and General Manager of Hilong Petroleum Offshore EMarine Engineering Co., Ltd., explained that “Hilong Petroleum Offshore Engineering Co., Ltd. earned the positive recognition of the client and won the contract thanks to its innovative T&I technology, efficient project management team, as well as the inclusive construction solutions offered by the“Hilong 106”pipe-laying derrick barge. This is not only of great significance to the performance of Hilong Petroleum Offshore Engineering service business, but also lays a firm foundation for the further development of Hilong Petroleum Offshore Engineering Co., Ltd.”

For more information, please visit: http://en.hilonggroup.com/





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