Hallin Marine looking at smaller, more cost effective vessels for ROV work


Hallin twin-hull vessel

UK-based Hallin Marine may invest in two more vessels to be built based on a new design touted as a low-cost alternative to large diving support vessels and semi-submersibles.

Sources said Hallin was shopping for yard space to build an accommodation unit and a subsea operations vessel modeled after a twin-hull design developed by its joint venture with Dubai-based Minnow Marine Projects and STX Canada Marine.

The vessel specifications are still being finalised, however, each unit is expected to be of 84 metres long. The initial design presented by Hallin also calls for each vessel to be fitted with DP3 dynamic positioning capability and built-in hangers suitable for two construction class 3000-metre remotely operated vehicles (ROVs).

Hallin declined to comment on the new design or its newbuild plans when approached by Upstream earlier this week.



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