Halliburton to Slash Up to 6400 Jobs


The second-largest oilfield services company, Halliburton, has confirmed it will lay off up to 8 percent of the company’s 80,000 global workforce.

It is anticipated that somewhere between 5200 and 6400 jobs will be cut, as yet another company falls victim to tumbling oil prices.

In an email statement for Subsea World News the company said: “Halliburton anticipates layoffs in the range of 6.5 to 8 percent of its global headcount. We value every employee we have, but unfortunately we are faced with the difficult reality that reductions are necessary to work through this challenging market environment.”

Halliburton says the impact will be across all areas of company’s operations.

“We delivered an excellent 2014, but it is clear that 2015 will be a challenging year for the industry,”said Halliburton’s boss Dave Lesar, earlier this year.

Furthermore, in January, another oilfield services major Schlumberger, announced cuts of 9000 jobs and Baker Hughes reduced overall headcount by 7000.

However, no layoffs have occurred or are presently planned as a result of the pending Baker Hughes acquisition, the company said in a statement.





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