Greater Gabbard OWF Cables Cause Problems for Local Fishermen


The developers of the Greater Gabbard offshore wind farm, which is fully operational since 2012, meet with local fishermen in Lowestoft to discuss possible solutions to the issues reported by the fishermen.

Fishermen that operate in the Greater Gabbard area are having problems with the cable route, where the cables were not buried well at first and, after they were covered with concrete mattresses, the mattresses caused problems as they were not laid properly.

Local fisherman had already received a disturbance allowance for the construction phase from Greater Gabbard Offshore Wind Farm Ltd, a joint venture between SSE and RWE, however, they are now looking for an additional payment due to these past-construction issues.

“It has cost one fisherman a set of nets – which is about £3,000 – and it’s incredibly dangerous because it can sink the boat. We’ve tried to get the developer to acknowledge there should be some additional disruption payment,” EADT24 quotes Roger Hipwell, former chairman of Orford and District Inshore Fishermen’s Association, as saying.

SSE’s spokesman responded by stating that a mattress-laying operation was conducted in August, during which divers examined the mattresses. “The mattresses are now embedded in the seabed as per design,” he said.

He added that the developer continues to meet with the local fishermen in order to deal with any difficulties that occur with the wind farm.



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