Global federations join forces on offshore work



Global union federations ITF (International Transport Workers’ Federation) and ICEM (International Federation of Chemical, Energy, Mine and General Workers’ Unions) today cemented a working relationship to tackle conditions in the North Sea oil and gas fields.  Representative of offshore workers’ trade unions in Denmark, France, The Netherlands, Norway, Russia and the UK meeting in London pledged to co-operate on all aspects of work in the sector, and applauded the two federations’ decision to pool knowledge and join forces.

The delegates – representatives of workers in offshore maritime, diving, drilling, well services and catering – met at a two day conference which used work groups to map out all aspects of the industry, positive and negative, to assist in the delivery of safe and profitable working and trade union solidarity.

ITF Offshore Task Force Group Chair Norrie McVicar commented: “This was a groundbreaking meeting, which identified the need to examine and work on all aspects, good and bad, of workers’ experience in the offshore field, from health and safety to wages and conditions.  They also identified growing concern about ‘social dumping’, that is, the use of workers from non-EU/EAA (European Economic Area) countries whose pay, training and conditions are reportedly not being kept at the levels we believe are the correct ones for the often hard and dangerous work undertaken in the North Sea.”

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