GEOMAR Hosts Delegation from South Korea


The ambassador of South Korea to Germany, Kyung-soo Lee, has visited GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel.

For many years, marine research institutions of both countries have been working together very intensively. During his visit the ambassador underlined the importance of innovative marine research for the welfare of future generations.

According to GEOMAR, Korea spends the highest percentage worldwide on research and technology development. With the Korean Institute of Ocean Technology (KIOST) South Korea has a major international research centre, that’s been also collaborating with GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel in the field of marine resources as well as in the area of climate modelling.

During the visit of the South Korean ambassador Kyung-soo Lee in Kiel GEOMAR Director Professor Dr Peter Herzig underlined the importance of the cooperation with the Asian country. “Korea has recognized that we can only meet global challenges, in particular in the field of marine research, through intensive research and innovation. Together we have to take leadership in technology to ensure that also in future our economies remain successful and innovative in the international competition”, Herzig continued. “Our Korean colleagues are our role models for motivation, innovation and positive visions of the future”.

At GEOMAR currently two scientists work in the field of Ocean circulation and climate dynamics. One of them is the climatologist Dr. Wonsun Park. He currently acts this year as chairman of the Europe-Korea Conference on Science and Technology (EKC) in 2016 to be held from 27 – 30 of July in Berlin. Furthermore he is also president of the Korean Scientists and Engineers Association in Germany.

The ambassador Kyung-soo Lee was impressed by the achievements of the marine research at GEOMAR in Kiel. “I am very pleased for the opportunity to visit this important marine research centre,” the Korean diplomat stated. He underlined that through the cooperation in the field of marine research of both countries provides an important contribution to the welfare of future generations. “We still know very little about our oceans, however their preservation, but the resources that they provide, are of fundamental importance for mankind. Only together we can answer the important questions and develop methods for a sustainable use of our oceans.”



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