Gears of Water – Commercial Diving 101

Commercial Diver, cDiver

In recent years, commercial diving industry has been thriving and it is remarkable that some individuals who primarily dive for enjoyment are considering it as a career.

The huge difference in terms of tasks performed, technical knowledge and equipment usage must be taken into account. Aspiring candidates must undergo a comprehensive training to familiarize themselves with the duties of a professional diver and function of equipment to perform challenging assignments.

One of the most important equipment to use is the life support system. It is a normal practice to carry two tanks as a back up in case the other one fails. It provides necessary gas for the diver to breathe while underwater and is equipped with internal heating functions. Nowadays, a feature for communication is integrated which play a significant role to assure diver’s safety.

Gaining an understanding and thorough knowledge of equipment’s’ complexity ensures low risk to divers’ safety. It also allow to performed tasks in an efficient manner. Each gear has its classifications depending on factors like depth of the water, work requirements and the time it would take before resurfacing.

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