GDF SUEZ Confirms Cygnus as One of the Most Significant Gas Fields to be Developed in the UK


    GDF SUEZ E&P UK Ltd, operator of the Cygnus gas field, announces a second successful appraisal well (44/12a-5) in the south western area of the gas field located in the UK southern North Sea.

    This success completes the full appraisal of the Cygnus field within its current boundary. Analysis of the results from the discovery well and six appraisal wells, together with 3-D seismic evaluations, have led to a preliminary ultimate recovery estimate of approximately 500 billion standard cubic feet of natural gas – up to 1 trillion standard cubic feet in the high case. This latest success underlines Cygnus’ position as one of the most significant undeveloped gas fields in the United Kingdom Continental Shelf.

    René Montaz-Rosset, Managing Director of GDF SUEZ E&P UK Ltd commented: ‘In the past eighteen months, four appraisal wells have been drilled and all have been successful in meeting and exceeding pre-drill expectations. The participants are now moving swiftly towards development and look forward to realising the exciting potential of this field.’

    The licence participants in the Cygnus field are GDF SUEZ E&P UK, the operator, together with Centrica plc and Endeavour Energy UK Limited. Following the successful appraisal of the eastern area in 2009 and the western area in 2010, the participants are pursuing an optimised field development plan for Cygnus. This comprises a two-phase approach, with an enlarged first phase to include the full development of the eastern area and a phase two development of the western area. Sanction is scheduled for 2011, with first gas scheduled for 2013.

    The Cygnus participants have also been awarded Licence P1731 by the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC). Undrilled prospective fault blocks, which are likely to extend the Cygnus field, have been identified within the licence area. These blocks will be appraised in due course.

    Well 44/12a-5 achieved a stabilised flow rate of 29 million standard cubic feet per day (MMscfpd) from 94 feet of perforations in the Leman interval.

    Cygnus field key facts
    • The Cygnus field is located within UK Continental Shelf (UKCS) Blocks 44/12a and 44/11a in the UK southern North Sea, 15 km north west of the Tyne field. Cygnus is a large multi fault block accumulation discovered in 1988 by the 44/12a-1 exploration well, which found gas bearing Leman reservoir in what is now known as Fault Block 1.
    • GDF SUEZ E&P UK Ltd is operator of Cygnus Field (Licence P1055) with a 38.75% interest. The licence participants are Centrica with a 48.75% interest and Endeavour Energy UK Limited with a 12.5% interest.
    • GDF SUEZ E&P UK Ltd is also operator of Licence P1731 with a 34.48% interest. The licence participants are Centrica with a 48.28% interest and Endeavour Energy UK Limited with a 17.24% interest.


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