GC Rieber Sells CSV Polar Prince


GC Rieber Shipping has entered into an agreement to sell its multi-functional DP2 construction support vessel CSV Polar Prince.

The vessel is designed in-house and was built by the Norwegian Flekkefjord Yard in 1999.

The 94 meters long vessel has since its delivery been used for inspection, maintenance and repair duties (IMR) on subsea installations.

It is equipped with 150mt crane, an ROV and a moonpool, has a 900 square meters deck area and can accommodate 70 persons.

According to the company’s filing to Oslo Stock Exchange, the transaction will provide GC Rieber Shipping with an accounting gain of approximately NOK 10 million and the vessel is expected to be delivered to the new owner early June.

GC Rieber did not disclose the name of the buyer.






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