Fugro Gets Another Borssele OWF Gig


Fugro has signed 2 new contracts with the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO), part of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, for further mapping of the future Borssele wind farm park.

According to RVO, under the contract, Fugro will take measurements of wind and sea conditions and conduct seabed research.

Earlier this year, Fugro was hired to execute the geotechnical site investigation and geological modelling of sites I and II of the Borssele.

The next step is examining the seabed detailed information on water depth, geology and possible obstacles on the seabed of the Borssele plots III and IV. The investigation will provide crucial information for the developers of the Borssele offshore wind farm to create the optimal design and the construction of the necessary electrical infrastructure.

Furthermore, Fugro will now start measurements of the wind and sea conditions in future wind farm locations and use floating buoys to measure the wind speed.


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