From Fun to a Fulifilling Career, Salvage Diving


According to Confucius, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” Truer words have never been said when it comes to choosing a career.

Most of us are inclined towards water activities especially during summer season. Diving is an extremely popular leisure sport for anyone physically fit and capable to explore the diverse marine environment.

Turning something fun to an income generating profession can be considered a rare and fulfilling opportunity. Adventurous diving enthusiasts can become salvage divers upon completing training and certification.

Salvage diving does not only concentrate on recycling ship parts but divers are also helping in protecting the environment by eliminating potentially hazardous elements from spreading through the ocean, rivers or any confined water containments. They respond to wreck removal operations and sometimes building artificial reefs as marine life habitat.

Authorities often seek the assistance of salvage divers in crime scene investigations and recovery of evidences. Divers are also responsible in conservation of historical artifacts during archaeological marine research.

Salvage diving becomes more interesting with the introduction of the latest tools and technology that divers use in performing their tasks. More often than not, employers provide the necessary construction equipment like cutting and welding devices.

Training to become a salvage diver is intense because it will also involve programs related to HAZMAT and nuclear diving. Courses can be completed in a span of a few months or it can be a full two-year degree program. Once certified, divers can be employed and relocated anywhere in the world where the demand for such skills is high such as the oil and gas industry.


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