Frogmen To The Rescue


Make way for the unsung heroes of the town – the Frogman. Frogman is a term commonly used to describe a person trained in professional diving and special operations. It can also refer to military divers, police divers or navy divers that are engaged in tactical or combat diving.

These individuals possess remarkable bravery because they are aware how dangerous the job is but they are still enthusiastic to do it.

In China, frogmen were recently needed to conduct an underground pipeline job. Keeping infrastructures clean and in perfect working condition is extremely important especially in the busy streets of Shanghai.

Pipeline jobs are risky because of Frogmen’s exposure to hazardous materials like hydrogen sulfide. These divers can also suffocate or get stuck in pipelines.  

“We have our own code: Pulling the rope once, everything is normal; pulling the rope twice means more materials are needed; three times or more means the man underneath wants to come up, but if he does not show up in 2 minutes, something must go wrong,” Ni, one of the Shanghai Frogmen said.

Frogmen undergo dive training and certification to get their licenses which they renew every year.

Although Frogmen don’t have out of this world super powers, their existence is vital to the safety and security of the community. They do sport unique underwater suit though.


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