Former Cheswick man dives into the Hall of Fame

Dick Geyer

Dick Geyer


After 53 years and more than 6,000 dives, former Cheswick resident Dick Geyer has a reverence for the highly specialized job of commercial diving, but still speaks of his work with the excitement of a novice.

“It didn’t seem like work to me,” said Geyer, 70, who is now an industry consultant. “I love my career and everything I did, (like) the challenges of working in zero visibility. It didn’t matter whether it was winter or summer.”

Geyer, who now lives in West Sunbury, Butler County, was inducted into the Association of Diving Contractors International Commercial Diving Hall of Fame in December.

The award is considered the industry’s highest honor and is given to an individual who has made significant contributions to the practice of commercial diving. The selection committee is comprised of Hall of Fame members.


I remember being in a class of his and one of his return students stood up and talked about a dangerous dive situation he had been in,” Hazelbaker said. “And he said the training he received was the single-most thing that saved his life.”

I have heard that comment from several other of his students over the years.”



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Photo taken from Triblive curtesy of Dick Geyer.


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