FMC Delivers Made-in-Nigeria Subsea Wellheads for Egina


FMC Technologies recently delivered four subsea wellheads in Nigeria for Total’s Egina project, the first to be entirely fabricated in country.

The wellheads were fabricated for FMC Technologies by Oiltools Africa Limited (OAL), a Nigerian company, and feature a 36-inch-diameter conductor housing and a 20-inch-diameter wellhead assembly.

The project was conducted by a team of 44 Nigerian OAL employees and completed on time without any safety incidents.

FMC Technologies provided training for OAL personnel for the advanced welding techniques and post-weld heat treatment procedures required for the manufacturing process.

“Locally manufacturing these wellheads marks a significant milestone for the company and for Nigeria’s energy industry,” said Shelagh Daley, Area Manager at FMC Technologies. “FMC Technologies is committed not only to delivering on time to its customers, but developing local talent to do so.”


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