Flip flash cards used for training of commercial divers


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Flip Flash Cards are an innovative new memory stimulation aid for the dive industry developed by Kerri J. Halliday, a professional Assistant Life Support Technician (ALST), working aboard Dive Support Vessels. Kerri developed the idea after recognising the need for learning aids within the dive industry and as an aid to others wishing to advance within the ICDI.

The cards provide dive companies with a learning aid package which abides by audit requirements in the dive industry.

Dive flash cards are 60mm in height and 90mm wide. They are presented with colour coded borders identifying different subjects and come in boxes of 50. The cards incorporate questions and multiple choice answers which assit as learning aids. They are intended for use above surface as a learning and training aid rather than during an actual dive.

Dive flash cards cover unique specialised fields pertaining to diving including dive math, physics, legislation, medical issues and general information. It is hoped the range will be expanded to cover many more subjects such as scuba diving, dive technician, dive supervisor and general engineering.

Ongoing concern has been raised throughout the ICDI about the limited number of personnel progressing through the industry and the age gap generated through lack of training over the past ten years. The significant expense and long study times required to enter the the ICDI has been identified as one possible reason for the lack of new entrants hoping to qualify as professional divers.

Kerri Halliday added ‘By significantly reducing the cost of entry to the industry and making often fairly technical aspects of the dive process an easy and fun process, it is hoped that dive flash cards will contribute to a healthier and more vibrant commercial dive industry whilst at the same time addressing the concern of major dive institutions about the lack of skilled divers and support personnel’.



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