Flexlife Gets European Patent for Corrosion Protection of Pipes


Flexlife have been granted a European Patent for ‘Corrosion Protection of Pipes Suspended in Seawater’, this Patent relates to the use of Flexlife’s FlexGel product.

The FlexGel product is intended to be deployed in the case of an annulus breach within an I-Tube or J-Tube displacing the sea water and removing the oxygenated sea water associated with a splash zone environment. In doing so the FlexGel will reduce further corrosion in the structural tensile armour wires of the flexible pipe, increasing its life, Flexlife explained.

FlexGel also protects steel risers in caissons as well as the inner surface of I/J Tubes. The FlexGel density can be tuned depending on application allowing a plug of gel to be located around the damaged outer sheath/annulus regions. Where an outer sheath breach is discovered, FlexGel is deployed into the caisson. The FlexGel fills the I-Tube and as such the area around the damage, preventing the ingress of seawater or air therefore the re-oxygenation of the corrosive environment. FlexGel can also be installed just after riser pull-in as a preventative solution. FlexGel is an environmentally friendly product and is CEFAS registered, the company said in a press release.

Flexlife CEO Garry Millard said: “We continue to develop our technologies to support the inspection, maintenance, repair and protection of Flexible Pipe products, the granting of this Patent further endorses Flexlife’s technology to support our customers and enabling Flexlife’s global expansion into new regions.”


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