Experienced underwater searcher volunteers to help


Dozens of law enforcement and volunteers spent Friday on the water in Jackson County, assisting authorities in the search for more plane wreckage and three missing passengers.

Among those helping out was Pac Brian from Louisiana; whose work boat is uniquely equipped and designed to find things underwater.

“Well, this is what I do for a living,” said Brian, “I feel certain we’ll be able to find some debris on the sea bed.”

His confidence is backed by experience. Well over $100,000 worth of tracking equipment on board sets his vessel apart.

“And it generates an image or targets on the sea bed,” Brian explained, “If you go over a bicycle, you can see clearly that it’s a bicycle on the bottom.”

The side-sonar is a torpedo-like device that is towed through the water. High tech sensors transmit acoustic images.

“It has transducers on both sides of it, and it sends an acoustical signal out on both sides, reflects off the bottom and comes back to the transducers,” said Brian. “Goes up to a computer, topside, runs through the micro-processors and it generates an image.”

And while the former commercial diver is used to helping companies locate things like pipeline, missing anchors and underwater debris; it’s the far more personal aspect of this search which convicted him to come help.

“You know, I felt compelled to help these families out, to give them some kind of closure on their families. That’s, those men are, somebody’s loved ones, you know. Somebody’s father, brother. So I felt really compelled to volunteer to help on this,” Brian said.








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