ENG Resources to Help Recruiting in Subsea Industry


A subsea engineer, Mark Cooper, has set up a matchmaking service which should reduce the costs of recruiting engineers for subsea projects.

Namely, ENG Resources has been established to help subsea companies find the most suitable engineers for projects in c and marine renewables at the most competitive rates.

According to reports, ENG Resources will source and provide the most appropriate engineering consultants to match the specific needs of a client’s project, reducing the risk of costly mistakes due to a lack of understanding of both the technical competences of the engineer and the technical requirements of the project.

Cooper said: “I have seen first-hand the costly problems caused by the recruitment process not matching the skills and competences of an engineer to the technical complexities of the project. This is largely due to a lack of engineering knowledge and a misunderstanding of what’s actually involved in the project.

“ENG Resources is highly specialised and subsea focused. Committed to getting the best result for both the client and the candidate, our goal is to provide people who will excel in the position, resulting in a satisfied client and a fulfilled consultant.”

Focused solely on subsea, ENG Resources is currently building a pool of engineering consultants who will be quality controlled and categorised by their skills, experience and competence. These candidates will then be matched to the client’s requirements after a thorough assessment of the project or position.








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