EnBW Completes Baltic 2 OWF Substation Installation


The work on the installation of substation for Baltic 2 offshore wind farm, located about 32 km north of Ruegen Island, has been completed yesterday.

After the first failure to install the substation because of bad weather conditions, EnBW managed to fix the substation to the seabed of the Baltic Sea in the second attempt.

The 4,400-ton platform had already been transported from the port of Kiel in early September to the construction site to be installed, but the bad weather didn’t allow the installation to proceed.

Until the second attempt the substation was waiting in the safe harbor of Sassnitz.

Finally on Tuesday after last mooring and survey works were completed, EnBW confirmed that the installation has been successfully completed.

With a total of 80 wind turbines of 3.6 MW each, EnBW Baltic 2 will have a total capacity of 288 MW.



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