Elnusa in Seismic Vessel Buy


Indonesian oil and gas services company, Elnusa, has purchased a seismic vessel at the beginning of the second quarter of 2016 to support the national oil and gas exploration activities in Indonesia.

The seismic vessel has the capacity to carry 12 streamers with each streamer length of up to 10 km.

President Director of Elnusa, Syamsurizal Munaf, said: “It is our duty, as the only national asset that has the competence and long experience in integrated oil and gas services, to work and develop marine seismic in Indonesia. We are ready to fully support the program Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources of Republic of Indonesia to restore the glory of the national oil and gas production and become an oil and gas exporter which significantly contribute to the income of the country.”

According to the company, the vessel has met required seismic and maritime specifications so it can be used also for geological and geophysical surveys, environmental and fisheries surveys as well as other marine support activities.



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