Eidesvik Sets Up Ghana Base


EGL (Eidesvik Ghana Ltd) has been established with office in Takoradi, which is the operational centre for the oil industry in Ghana.

The establishment of EGL was done in collaboration with Ghanaian partners as a platform to serve the oil industry in Ghana and West Africa.

The first task of EGL is to assist the Viking Neptune which was cleared into Ghana on December 3. The Viking Neptune is on a contract to Technip UK through EGL. The subsea construction vessel has been chartered on a 50 days contract for Tullow Ghana Ltd plus options and will be working on the TEN URF development project.

EGL is owned 51% of SSNIT (Social Security and National Insurance Trust) which is the Ghana’s National Social Security Pension Scheme. With their 51% ownership EGL is a Ghanaian registered company.

Operations in Ghana is carried out by local staff through our operational partner, Searock Offshore Services Ltd. In addition, Eidesvik safeguards its commitment by one of its captains assisting as an advisor in EGL.

“Eidesvik has previously operated in Ghana and West Africa, but increasingly requirements are demanding local content in operations outside of our home market. The creation of Eidesvik Ghana Ltd and the operational experience we and our local partners get through this contract is important for Eidesvik their further activity in this region,” the company said in a press release.







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