East England Firms Have ‘Advantage’ over Decom Rivals


East of England companies have a “real advantage” over Aberdeen-based competitors in the GBP 36 billion program to dismantle oil and gas infrastructure in the UK zone of the southern North Sea, according to an official from the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC).

Speaking at an industry event in Norwich on England’s east coast, Bill Cattanach – who heads PILOT Secretariat, Industry and Technology Development for DECC – said that despite their advantage companies in east England would have to be inventive with technology to push costs down further in the “enormous opportunity” to decommission at least 550 wells in the southern

North Sea sector.

“We are at the beginning of a new industry with an enormous prize and there are huge opportunities for companies to come up with innovative solutions to reduce costs in a responsible and environmentally sustainable way – doing what is necessary and industrializing the process which will ultimately deliver real savings,” Cattanach said.

All southern North Sea operators were represented at the ‘Norwich for the Offshore Decommissioning Cost Efficiency’ event, according to organizers – who included the East of England Energy Group, DECC and Decom North Sea.



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