Dolphin Expects Revenue Growth


Oslo-listed Dolphin has announced it expects full year revenue to exceed USD 500 million for 2015, representing a growth of 15-20% compared with 2014.

According to the company, the Multi-Client investments will primarily be made in prospective offshore areas.

Dolphin expect to allocate 15-20% of 3D vessel capacity to Multi-Client investments for 2015, representing cash investments of approximately USD 50-70 million.

The new and final 3D seismic vessel, Polar Empress with 14-22 streamer capacity, is on schedule and is expected to be taken on charter in end of April 2015.

The company said it will fully divest from the marine 2D and low-end 3D seismic market in 2015.

“In a challenging market environment, Dolphin will focus on market positioning of the 6 modern high-capacity 3D seismic vessels, seismic processing and sales from an attractive Multi-Client seismic data library,” the company announced.

Dolphin also said it will prepare for the next generation of multi-sensor streamer technology, new acquisition techniques and joint cooperation models both on exclusive and non-exclusive basis will be targeted.



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