DOF Subsea Scores Bjørnafjord Crossing Survey


DOF Subsea Norway has been awarded a contract by Statens vegvesen (The Norwegian Public Roads Administration) for a seabed mapping survey along the bridge route over the Bjørnafjord crossing.

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration plans to construct an approximately 5km long bridge over Bjørnafjord, between Røtinga and Rekstern. The Bjørnafjord crossing is a part of the new E39 along the west coast of Norway.

Five different bridge concepts were assessed, with 3 of the concepts being anchored to the bottom.

The work scope covers detailed mapping of the ground conditions with reflection seismic, multiray depth sounder, side scan sonar and video for the further planning and evaluation of the anchored bridge concepts.

Along the bridge route mapping will be carried out with a seismic line distance of approx. 50m apart. In some areas it will be necessary to use side scan sonar and video.

In order to assess anchor locations at the depth of 550 meters, the mapping will be carried out near the seabed by using an ROV or AUV.

The contract value is approximately NOK 7,3 million.









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