DNV-GL Certifies CPNL’s Cable Protection System


CPNL Engineering received a DNV-GL status confirmation for its belmouths, monopile entry system and the regular cable protection system.

This system used in 295MW Nordsee Ost offshore wind farm and nine other offshore projects has been reviewed by certification entity DNV-GL, based on the recently obtained test results at the University of Exeter and the subsequently performed calculations and simulation related to worst site conditions of 7 offshore wind farms.

CPNL is the first global supplier to receive this certification on its systems, based on independent input.

DNV-GL has confirmed that the design, the calculations on construction parts, cable pull-in loads and stresses on the cable, hydrodynamics and structural integrity analysis are according to their standards.

“CPNL emphasises product integrity and capabilities. The fact that we can reproduce each test and outcome is to show our consistency; a match between product claims and reality. To receive additional confirmation by DNV-GL is an invitation to other suppliers to do the same,” Ton Tuk, director CPNL Engineering recalled. “It is time to stop assuming that a system is good, based on only a reference list.”

“In the recently performed dynamic test, CPNL has  identified 4 test scenarios of which one was extreme (axial load 20-80 kN and headstock movement of +/- 28 degrees), the articulated pipe did protect the provided cable as it should. The cable was still functional after performing all test scenarios, which equalled 155,000 movements,” Marloes Tuk, commercial manager, commented. “Recent rumours about our system can go straight into the bin.”



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