DMC Enhances Its ROV with BlueView Sonar


The Danish company DMC/Drechsler Marine Consult has invested in a BlueView sonar to one of their underwater robots which gives even better search options. The sonar is a high performance 2D imaging sonar specially engineered for underwater tasks. It operates while in motion delivering real-time imagery and data with quick updates which makes it possible to follow the movements of the ROV in the water.

“The new sonar operates at a viewing angle of 130 degrees and has a detection range of 100 m (328 ft.) and a 3 field-of-view options,” says the owner of DMC, Claus Drechsler.

DMC has among others specialized in searching and finding objects on the seabed using the ROV underwater robots and if it is required that the robot can be fitted with USBL Tracking System.

“We have several ROV units and a team of very experienced ROV pilots and therefore we are able to perform efficient and quickly when we get a job,” says Claus Drechsler.

The company has experience in serving energy companies and contractors during installation or supervision of offshore projects and also in managing various offshore projects.




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