Divers search for missing passengers of South Korean Ferry


300 passengers are still missing and 6 were confirmed dead South Korean ferry sank off which includes three 17-year-old high school students and member of ferry’s crew.

164 passengers were rescued so far, 55 were being treated for injuries according to the South Korean government minister.

“The ship began tilting all of a sudden, and then people started skidding down from above,” rescued passenger Young-Ja Shin told SBS News. “There was a railing, so I held onto it, but I then got hit by one of the falling people and we got pushed down to the bottom.”

“It took about 10 seconds to tilt over, and then I began sliding from end to end,” rescued passenger Eun-Bok Jang, 50, told SBS News. “I got hit on my side and then I couldn’t breathe.”

The search progress of 160 navy and coast guard divers who were working in the scene were hindered by rapid currents and poor underwater visibility.

There is still no conclusive report what cause the ferry to sink.


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