Divers Repair Tanker in Dubai


Hydrex is one of the leading companies specializing in underwater repair and maintenance of vessels. The dive team consists of professional commercial divers and technicians that can do repair works even without using drydocks.

Recently in Dubai, a tanker carrying chemicals hit a buoy. The damage must be assessed to prevent further hazard relating to the chemicals on board the ship.  Hydrex organized a team of divers to conduct underwater inspection and repair the tanker.

Upon the arrival of the necessary equipment to be used, the operation started by a thorough underwater survey of the vessel for damage gravity assessment. Turns out that one of the propellers blade has been broken. Cropping procedure initiated immediately after inspection. The data gathered during inspection helped the divers to successfully repair the tip of the vessel propeller along with some minor cracks.

The loss of efficiency is insignificant therefore, the dive team did not need to perform any rebalancing. The operation has been completed in a few hours and the ship is on its way to its destination.

Underwater repairs accomplished by commercial divers without having to dock the vessel to a port prevent time consuming processes that could delay shipments and therefore minimizing the costs associated with the incident.

Hydrex aims to provide ship maintenance solutions the fastest and most cost effective way possible to ensure shipments are back on track in a timely fashion.


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