Divers praised for their work during ship rescue in Qatar



DOHA — The Embassy of the Republic of South Africa in Qatar has honoured a team of South African divers who had participated in the rescue operation of the sunken Demas Victory vessel off the coast of Qatar last week.

The team belongs to a joint venture Qatari-South African Company, Subtech Qatar Diving and Marine Service (SUBTECH), which works in the energy sector.

The Ambassador of South Africa to Qatar, Dr. Vincent T Zulu expressed his appreciation to the team, saying: “We are proud that South Africans could render a helping hand to Qatar during this emergency operation.

What happened was tragic but having the eleven South African divers with naval experience working tirelessly to rescue survivors and recover the sunken vessel is significant. We salute you for your bravery and professionalism.”

Jed Chamberlain, from SUBTECH, said that the company has deployed a team of eleven members comprising divers and supervisors to take part in rescue efforts in response to a distress signal released by authorities.

“Our team backed with marine background has participated in the joint search and rescue operation which lasted for 36 hours,” said Chamberlain.

Speaking about the dreadful accident, he said that the boat was sunk in three minutes time living chance to crew members and workers to escape out.

“As the incident occurred early in the morning, most of its staff was deeply asleep in their narrow cabins. With the bottom of the boat laying at a depth of 30m and its top some 4m,” he added.

Ambassador Zulu presented SUBTECH with a certificate as a token of appreciation to the team for their response and assistance rendered to the emergency operation.

About 30 of the 35 people on board the vessel died in the tragic incident which took place on June 30 about two nautical miles off Doha. The boat, which belonged to a Dubai-based ‘Demas Marine’, had been hired by HBK Power Cleaning Company.



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