Divers pluck dog from icy Lake Michigan on South Side


Chicago Fire Department divers rescued a dog that fell into the icy waters of Lake Michigan on the South Side this morning.

“He was warmed up and returned to its owner,’’ said Fire Department spokesman Larry Langford on the scene in the 4100 block of South Lake Shore Drive. “This one just got a little too close.

“Its head was the only thing above water,’’ Langford said. “He or she was treading to hold on and the diver went in and got him or her.’’

Langford said a woman was walking the dog when it ran out onto the lake and fell through the ice around 10:30 a.m.

Firefighters found the owner on the ice trying to reach the dog, and had to first get her back to shore. “She’s lucky she didn’t go through the ice,’’ Langford said.

Two divers then went in and plucked the dog out without too much struggle, Langford said.  “When it’s a dog, it generally loses its fight pretty quick. This is a house dog. . .pet,’’ he said.

Langford said the fire department is often asked why they risk an animal rescue if humans are not in danger.

“If there’s a dog in the lake and we don’t respond, we could end up doing a recovery of people,’’ Langford said. “People tend to go into the water after their pets. It can have a tragic ending.’’



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