Divers find Nazi U-Boat wreck, skeleton crew off coast of Indonesia


Divers off the coast of Indonesia have discovered the wreck of a World War II Nazi U-Boat with at least 17 skeletons on board.

“This is the first time we have found a foreign submarine from the war in our waters,’ said Bambang Budi Utomo, head of the research team at Indonesia’s National Center of Archaeological Research, the Daily Mail reported.

“This is an extraordinary find that will certainly provide useful information about what took place in the Java Sea during World War II,” he said.

Divers also found dinner plates with swastikas on them, batteries, binoculars and a bottle of hair oil.

The ship, believed to be a U-168, was part of the Monsun U-Boats which were a group of vessels sent from Germany to attack allied ships along trade routes, the Daily Mail said.

Captain Helmuth Pich was its commander on four missions for the Third Reich.

The submarine was torpedoed by a Dutch ship as it was on its way to meet two other German vessels for an operation off Australia in 1944, Haaretz reported. Nearly half of the submarine’s crew were killed.



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