Divers cleaning water tanks in Harrison County


When you see a diver on top of a water tower in Harrison County, it can be quite a spectacle. But divers from Montana-based Liquid Engineering were hired by the county to do a job that hasn’t been done in nearly 20 years – clean out the water tanks. “We are cleaning the tank to comply with the EPA,” said Greg Tullis, a survey technician with the county.

“It has to be done every so often. We inherited this system, so we are following the EPA compliance orders.” The tower in Unionvale has clean water by the EPA’s standards and serves 70 homes. “Very good water,” Tullis said.

“We test it every day to meet all of the EPA requirements, so it’s good quality of water.” We strapped a camera on Jordan Tillman, a commercial diver for Liquid Engineering, to see exactly what was inside tower, and after 30 minutes, we got our answer.

“We knew there would be some sediment but we didn’t know how much,” Tullis said. Originally county officials believed only 3 inches of sediment would be found at the bottom of the tank, but instead Tillman found 48 inches.

The total price for cleaning the tower came out to $3,500 — $500 more than what the county expected to pay. Tullis believes now the tower’s water will be a better quality. In the meantime, the liquid engineering crew is scheduled to clean Germanos water tank on Thursday. 






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