Diver – Role info


You would work underwater in the sea, rivers and lakes. You could hunt for sunken treasure ships, film wildlife, fix underwater structures like oil rigs or teach other people to dive.

Diving is a physically demanding activity and can be dangerous. You’d need to follow strict health and safety procedures and respond calmly if things go wrong.

You would work at sea or inland in rivers, lakes, canals and reservoirs. Many underwater tasks can now be carried out by remote-operated vehicles (ROVs) but ROVs have not replaced the need for skilled divers.

You could work in a variety of industries.

  • In the offshore oil and gas industry you would do underwater exploration and surveying. You’d build and repair drilling rigs and pipelines.
  • In inland or inshore diving you could work on civil engineering projects. You’d do underwater repairs, demolition or salvage. You could also work in fish farming.
  • If you work in the media you might do stuntwork or underwater filming.
  • With the right specialist skills you could do scientific research or underwater archaeology.
  • Some divers work with the police, searching for and recovering missing persons or evidence.
  • People also enjoy diving as a leisure activity so you could teach SCUBA diving skills and lead recreational SCUBA dives

You would specialise in one of four types of diving:

  • SCUBA (Self-contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus) where you’d use an air tank and flippers. This is used in recreational, media and police diving.
  • Restricted Surface Supplied, using an air line to the surface. This is usually used in inshore/inland diving.
  • Surface Supplied where you’d use a hot water suit, air line and open diving bells. This is for offshore diving.
  • Closed Bell or Saturation Diving using a diving bell and mixed gas for deep sea diving. This is often used in surveying, marine archaeology and scientific diving

Personal Qualities

  • Excellent swimming ability
  • Stamina
  • Good levels of concentration under demanding physical conditions
  • Calmness under pressure







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