Diver Exploits: Fascinating Diving Sites


What’s the most interesting place you’ve ever dived?

I asked this question to several commercial divers and underwater welders, and they gave me a huge variety of answers. From these responses, it’s safe to assume that your perception of diving experiences is highly based on area of passion, interest in international traveling and a little luck.


“Wolf Creek Nuclear Operating facility. Kansas, USA. Zero visibility concrete pour under six inches of ice. -15°F”

– W Ryan Krauss


“The dirty side of a sewage tank. O and a tank full of muller rice.”

Angus Fraser


“Sao Tome back in 2000. Not many people been there! And fresh water, underground res work in Cambridge, never dived in water as clear.”

Richard Durrant


“Antarctica. Welding on an old pier to keep it from falling apart. Had to get out of the water whenever [leopard seals] came around.”

Steve Rupp


“Africa, the experience of a different continent, with my friends”

Robert Cahill


“Mumbai India, killo class E submarine. Salvage and recovery of O2 torpedos and missiles INS SINDHURAKSHAK. Zero visibility and in mud.”

Troy Raats


“Mozambique, cable lay job. Fifty meters+ visibility…and we couldn’t see past 10 meters because there was too much bait fish seeking shelter under the barge.”

Zak Venter


“A sewer line in Biscayne bay. The storm drains next to the tarmac at Miami International Airport. A flooded elevator shaft in an old hotel during a renovation in South Beach.”

Santi Dillon


“Great salt lake. 150′ penetration into a 4′ slippery ass pipe. Had to wear an insane amount of lead to get negative. Even the old gates umbilical was buoyant! Figuring out the dive tables in that dense water was a challenge.”

Steve Rupp


“An underground fresh water channel Chichester England in 15 meters water, depth down a 30 meter vertical shaft; 150 meters into the shaft nobody had been in it since it was cut out by Cornish miners and flooded in the 1890’s. Saw carving of gravity on the cave walls.”


Stevie Allen





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