‘Diver Ed’ to share thrills, chills of ice diving


Local diver Eddie “Diver Ed” Monat will visit the Jesup Memorial Library on Friday, April 3, at 7 p.m. to speak about diving in winter.

During the coldest month on record this winter, Monat challenged himself to dive every day and create a short video of each chilly underwater adventure. During his presentation, he will show the videos and give a behind-the-scenes look at what it took to make the dives happen.

Monat is well known for his diving adventures. The Town Hill resident has been diving for 33 years, much of it in Maine. He came to Bar Harbor from Massachusetts to attend College of the Atlantic in 1984.

A former lobsterman, harbormaster and special education teacher, he works now as a commercial diver, scuba instructor, marine ecologist and hand harvester, and he can still be found taking tubs of sea creatures into classrooms in the area to educate kids about marine life, something he did for years before starting the venture for which he is now best known, Diver Ed’s Dive-In Theater.

During the summer, Monat and his wife, Edna “Captain Evil” Martin, operate the Dive-In Theater aboard their boat, Starfish Enterprise, with the help of a few crew members and their two Newfoundland dogs. His constant companion during the dives, which are broadcast on board so passengers can see what Monat is up to underwater, is Mini-Ed, a toy diver currently in his 162nd incarnation.

Monat also dives with members of the dive club he started on MDI, the League of Underwater Superheroes. The group frequently stages clean-ups of local harbors.

He dives around the world. “But my passion is showing people how much fun diving in Maine can be,” Monat said. That includes donning a drysuit and breaking through ice, sometimes in a snowstorm, to dive this winter.

Come find out more about his frigid adventures at the Jesup. Call 288-4245.



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