Diver airlifted after blacking out underwater at UK power station


Pembroke Power Station

UNITED KINGDOM — A commercial diver working on the new Pembroke power station was airlifted to Derriford Hospital, in Plymouth, on Saturday after he became unconscious while under water.

Milford Haven coastguard received a call from ambulance control at 10.19am saying that the diver was unwell and had briefly become unconscious.

The 27-year-old was involved in a dredging operation. He had been under the water for around an hour-and-a-half when he complained of feeling unwell.

He passed out before reaching the surface and was assisted out of the water by other divers who revived him by administering oxygen therapy.

The diver, who works for Kaymac Marine, was taken by air ambulance to the hyperbaric chamber at the diving disease research centre in Plymouth.

He was later released fit and well.

Health and Safety Executive duty officers were informed of the incident.

A spokesman for RWE npowersaid: “We can confirm that the air ambulance was called to the Pembroke Power Station site at 9.57am on Saturday morning following an incident involving a contract worker.

“The individual was taken to hospital as a precautionary measure and was discharged that afternoon.”



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