Delta Divers: Premieres Wednesday May 19th on National GeoGraphic Channel


    DeltaDivers“Delta Divers: Diver Down” – Wednesday, May 19, at 9pm ET/PT

    “Delta Divers: Racing the Storm” – Wednesday, May 26, at 9pm ET/PT

    DELTA DIVERS is set in the vast offshore oil and gas infrastructure in the Gulf of
    Mexico, home to more than 6,000 gas and oil platforms and 35,000 miles of
    pipeline. The programs offer a unique view into what it’s like to live and work in
    this remote and rarely seen world. It’s high-risk, high-pay work suited to those
    with a mile-wide daredevil streak. And the commercial divers whose dramatic
    stories are chronicled in these programs take on the toughest challenges,
    working in the forbidding depths hundreds of feet beneath the surface of the

    Part-astronaut, part-roughneck, these deep-sea divers are a breed apart. Although much of the job involves regulation blue collar work‚ welding, pouring concrete, rigging, hydraulics‚ it is performed alone and in such an extreme environment they may as well be on another planet‚ with only an ‚ umbilical‚ air supply connecting them to our topside world.

    Living for months at a time in the cramped quarters offshore, each diving team considers itself a “family.” The bonds become very strong when you regularly put your life in the hands of a co-worker. At the same time, like in other families, tensions roil just beneath the surface. Divers compete to get the best dives. Tenders jockey to “break out” as full-fledged divers. And diving supervisors struggle to keep the whole operation going‚ when a momentary lapse of attention or one simple mistake can easily result in tragedy and at least one diver’s life is on the line with each plunge.

    “Delta Divers: Diver Down” – Wednesday, May 19, at 9PM ET/PT
    In this first episode we follow three dive teams taking on some of the largest challenges the Gulf of Mexico has to offer. The Southern Hercules dive barge is 125 miles out to sea off the coast of Louisiana. On board are some of the top divers working in the Gulf of Mexico. The mission: to disassemble and plug an aging subsea oil well as deep as these divers are allowed to go: nearly 300 feet below the surface of the water. The danger increases exponentially along with the depth. The only thing is, they don’t know the condition of the well. Since Hurricane Rita, no one has seen it. During the first phase of diving Supervisor Brian Derby hear the words no dive supervisor wants to hear from his diver down below ‚ “Check my air”: his diver suddenly has nothing to breathe…

    25 miles to the south on the DB1 barge we meet Supervisor Reg Drye and his team of divers as they disassemble a hurricane-toppled oil rig. Reg leads his team through the dangerous job of underwater “burning”, cutting through steel with a torch. But one miscalculation can cause an explosion with lethal results. 85 miles to the west aboard the Arapaho, two newbie’s arrive in the middle of an exhausting 28-hour dive rotation. It takes teamwork to keep a diver safe as they burn through the legs of a huge platform. The pressure is on supervisor Scott Noakes to get these Newbie’s up to speed before they make a mistake that could kill somebody.


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