DeepOcean Performing FEED Study for INTECSEA Canada


Monday, Sep 17, 2012

DeepOcean is working to deliver a conceptual study for INTECSEA Canada (INTECSEA), with the support of SMD, as part of a programme to develop a trenching system for subsea pipelines, flowlines and umbilicals in ice scour environments.

INTECSEA, on behalf of Petroleum Research Newfoundland & Labrador (PRNL), is managing a multi-phased Joint Industry Project (JIP) to investigate and develop a proven, commercially-ready, pipeline trenching system for the burial of pipelines, flowlines and umbilicals in various soil and Arctic conditions to protect against the effects of ice scouring of the seafloor.

DeepOcean will undertake a four month study for Phase I of the four-phase JIP, to define its proposed technology solution for Arctic trenching and establish how it will fulfil specified functional requirements. The trenching system must meet a number of stringent criteria including use in harsh marine conditions, operation in water depths beyond the majority of current trenching requirements, trenching in difficult and highly variable soil conditions, and to trench depths greater than current industry norms. DeepOcean has established a project team in the area and will perform this work in collaboration with Canadian partners in St. John’s Newfoundland.

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