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Ever wondered how it would be like to travel by a submarine and to explore the vastness of the ocean 1000 feet beneath the surface? Well, this adventure is not far from possible. A team consisting of three people from West Palm Beach can take you to a ride of your life in their 23 feet long submarine.

The submarine was built in 1976 and still operational to this day thanks to the efforts of Robert Wicklund (commercial diver/boat builder), William Neunzig (retired beach firefighter/boat captain/marine engineer) and Patrick Lahey (Triton Submarines president) for maintaining the good working condition of the submarine. The vessel can be used for commercial activities such as treasure hunting and deep-sea exploration. A Triton sub such as this costs approximately 3M US dollars.

The certified sub has been restored and can accommodate a pilot and two passengers. It is equipped with a huge propeller and a bank of batteries is its primary energy source. The ship can cruise for a good 12 hours per charge and can travel at a speed of 1-4 knots regardless of the current. It also has a backup emergency life support system that can last up to one week.

“We could set up for treasure hunting. We can do science stuff. It can adapt to all kinds of different jobs underwater,” Neunzig said. “I’m fascinated by going on different adventures and when you show up with a submarine, people get so excited.

Some of the recent assignments that the ship has done were the exploration of a shipwreck in Norfolk, aiding a TV documentary and leasing the sub to a rich family for travels underwater in Antarctica. The lease rate is 7,500 USD daily with three crew and support equipment comprised in the package.

Deep Sea Adventures, the company that owns the sub, enjoys maximizing the ship’s potential so three-man team make sure it’s always in good shape and keep it at optimum performance. For inquiries, visit:



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