How deep is your love? Underwater Wedding


Dorota Bankowska is one of the few females in the male-dominated saturation diving industry. She and her husband initially got married in Plock, Dorota’s hometown in Poland, just last month but decided to renew their wedding vows deep inside a dive training tank of The Underwater Centre in Fort William on November 22, 2014.

The groom, James Abbott wore a traditional Scottish kilt while the bride wore a white wedding dress. Because their first official exchange of vows took place in Poland, some of their friends in Scotland were not able to attend the ceremony. Therefore the couple thought of this unique way to get married again. Fortunately, the bridesmaid Ala Bankowska and the best man Charlie Cran-Crombie are familiar with diving so going into the tank was not an issue. Their videographer and ring bearer is a small yellow Remotely Operated Vehicle.

“We’re both very happy to be able to complete our wedding celebrations in such a unique way – James and I don’t do things traditionally!” Dorota said. “It’s great that my friends and family will be able to get a better idea of what my job is actually like, and the environment I work in.” she added.

The huge tank is owned by The Underwater Centre and is being used as a training for divers and other offshore equipment such as ROVs. The couple wore a surface supplied diving gear and diver communication systems so that both of them can say their vows.

Approximately 100 guests gathered around the tank to witness their one of a kind marriage ceremony which was officiated by The Underwater Centre diving trainer Ali Macleod. 



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