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It’s a difficult job, but someone’s got to do it; and when it comes to commercial diving, proper training and equipment are tantamount to ensuring a safe and rewarding time on the clock. Choosing the best equipment can mean the difference between life or death and it takes skilled and knowledgeable manufacturers and dealers to make sure every job order goes by without a hitch. Since 1993, Seattle’s Dive Commercial International (DCI) has provided an immeasurable service to commercial divers the world over who simply need the best.

Article by Elliott Fuller

With over 65 years of experience in the commercial diving and maritime industry, DCI has established an important professional presence in the diving world. DCI represents the best equipment manufacturers in the industry and serves as the exclusive Pacific Northwest distributor for popular products from BROCOCavidyneDESCOKirby Morgan Dive Systems, and Miller. Though the company’s brick and mortar store has plenty for the hearty commercial diver to purchase, DCI also has a robust online catalogue and can ship equipment using several select services. DCI also serves as the only Kirby Morgan Dive Systems Incorporated (KMDSI) authorized repair facility in the Northwestern U.S.; a manufacturer-certified technician is readily available to service and repair KMDSI helmets and masks along with equipment from other leading brands. Adding to this valued service, DCI also provides annual certification for KMDSI helmets and masks, insert repair, fiberglass repair, and gel-coat services. Recreational divers can also call DCI a second home; a rare turnout for dive centers, DCI provides a wide variety of recreational services and equipment.

“We have a full line of commercial Aqualung products, and as such, we are the only facility that is a commercial diving equipment retail establishment that also carries a full line of Aqualung commercial, military, and search and rescue

”, explains DCI Owner Dori Ritter. “It’s not something you can get at a scuba shop. Our crossover is for those who are engaged in working underwater: scuba or surface supplied.”

Along with repair and product services, DCI also offers dive industry consulting services and includes plans on starting technical programs for entry level divers, on-site technical support, or upgrading present diving programs or commercial diver certifications for today’s standards of safety.

“Diving is diving and it’s all about safety. If you approach recreational diving with the same mindset as commercial diving, there will rarely be an accident because you are so safety-conscious,” Dori adds. “On the flipside, though, commercial diving is primarily surface supplied; they have a special link to the surface, which gives them the air they need until they have to rely on their scuba knowledge and bailout bottle.”

“[For us] it’s more than just offering products. There are eight or nine commercial diving equipment specialist [companies] in this country that offer this same product. We differentiate from one another in some respect and we are known for specializing in service: a smile on the phone; knowledge beyond what you can get from the Internet; those extra steps and services,” Dori concludes. “This is what we specialize in.”

For more information on DCI and its services, visit www.divecommercial.com.

 Meet the DCI Staff

Dori Ritter
Dori carries 35 years of experience in the maritime industry with specialties in commercial diving and fishing. She began the fishing side of her career in the late ‘60s and ‘70s by preparing salmon for Alaskan canneries and on fishing boats.

John Ritter
John offers over 40 years of experience in commercial diving. Having been trained by the U.S. Navy, and having spent 12 months in Vietnam salvaging Navy craft from the Mekong River, John is prepared to meet any and all potential problems, which can arise from diving in the commercial salvaging world. In 1972, John was hired as an Instructor for Divers Institute of Technology (DIT) and soon after went on to begin an inland diving company called Pro-Dive. Later, in 1986, John purchased DIT and enhanced the institute’s world-recognized Entry-Level Diver Training Program, and began working as a Consultant and Specialist in Diving Program Development 13 years later. At current, John is an ADCI Gas Diving Supervisor for local commercial diving contractors and works diligently with new diving programs and companies to ensure they meet ADCI, OSHA, and Coast Guard regulations. John utilizes his profound experience in DAN O2, First Aid, CPR, Explosives, and all Commercial Diving Instructor certifications.

Joney Springberg
Born into the world of commercial diving, Joney grew up on the campus of Divers Institute of Technology and carried her expertise at the Seattle Parks Department and North Kitsap Pool as a lifeguard and swimming instructor. She received her certification in 1992, worked at DIT, and joined DCI in 1995. Joney plays a crucial role with her parents, John and Dori, as DCI’s Store Manager.

Steve Kushner
Steve joined diving in 1976 at Diving Systems International, which later became KMDSI, and was voted President of the company in 1996. During this time, Steve worked closely with several of the largest international diving equipment suppliers and introduced several new products, which eventually became world standards in the field. Steve retired from KMDSI in 2004 and was voted into the Historical Diving Society, USA as President. As Operations Manager, Steve shares the utmost respect of the global diving community and the importance of serving the best quality equipment.



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