Crossmar barge completes first project in Gulf of Mexico



HOUMA, LA — Cross Group company Crossmar recently launched the third addition to its fleet, multi-purpose barge Crossmar 21 DPS-3. Crossmar 21 has already completed its first offshore project in the Gulf of Mexico.

The vessel served as a receiving and collection platform for a pipeline abandonment in water depths of 500 feet (152 m). The client required a DP vessel to perform the work to alleviate setting anchors in an area where mudslides had damaged surrounding pipelines. Working with the customer, Crossmar 21 was used to transport separation equipment and storage tanks to location and required to stay on station for several days while the pigging operation was underway.

Crossmar 21 held station using dual differential global positioning system signaling along with the taut wire system. Crossmar 21 is a classed DP-3 and has several redundant signal capabilities in reserve with hydro-acoustics onboard and fan-beam available upon request. The remotely operated vehicle (ROV) alongside provided hook-up, valve operations and monitoring of the interface hoses that ran from the sea floor to the separation equipment on the back deck of Crossmar 21.

The barge is now available for international operations as a multi-purpose work platform supporting projects and providing ROV, diving, light construction, salvage and accommodations services. The ABS-classed, U.S.-flagged vessel is based out of Houma, La.


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