CPOC project installation planned for August using Global's DLB 264


Global DLB 264

Carigali-PTTEPI’s central processing platform (CPP) and floating storage offloading vessel (FSO) are due to be installed in the Muda field later this quarter using Global Industries’ barge DLB 264.

The topside of the Muda CPP is due to set sail from Singapore’s SMOE shipyard this Friday. The 18,000-tonne topside will be transported to Block B-17 by Dockwise’s semi-submersible heavy transport barge Black Marlin and installed over the jacket using the float-over technique.The Muda CPP will join four other wellhead platforms, the last of which was delivered from Oilfab’s shipyard in November 2008.

CPOC has also contracted TL Offshore to install a tripod in Block B-17 this quarter. The structure is likely to be installed by Global Industries’ derrick lay barge DLB 264 in August.

Work on the CPP and the tripod is being supported by Swiber Supporter.  The vessel is contracted to provide accommodation and diving support through August.

Block B-17 development also involves the installation of a newly converted floating storage offloading vessel (FSO) on charter from M3nergy.

The FSO is due to sail for Thailand in August from Singapore’s Keppel Shipyard.

B-17 is located in Malaysia-Thailand Joint Development Area off Malaysian state of Kelantan. First gas is scheduled for October and expected to ramp up to 270 million cubic feet per day.



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